Market Instruments


What is Commodities Trading?

In the financial investment markets, commodities are typically natural resources that are homogeneous, tradable, and widely used as basic industrial raw materials. We provide direct access for clients to trade a variety of commodities such copper, silver, gold, oil, and many other markets. With GIB, clients can dive deeper into trading a variety of natural resources. Like all our other market instruments, commodities can be traded as a CFD. Clients are also able to quickly and effectively view the market trends of major commodities on the market, and earn a profit based on the difference between the two prices.

Why Trade Commodities with GIB?

Enhanced Execution

Trade oil, gold, and silver on enhanced execution with no limit restrictions and no trade price requotes.

Trade On Margin

Enter the market using only a fraction of the total trade size available.

Lower Transaction Costs

Enter a trade with no commission, exchange, or clearing fees as well as access competitive trading spreads.

Advanced Charting System

Trade market instruments on our all-inclusive platform with intuitive charting insights and real-time trade analysis data to improve trade executions.

Underlying Markets Guide

Symbol Underlying Market Average Spread
NGAS Natural Gas Future 0.01
UKOil Brent Crude Future 0.03
USOil WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 0.04
Copper Copper Future 0
XAG/USD Spot Silver 0.04
XAU/USD Spot Gold 0.76
CORNF Corn Future 0.64
SOYF Soy Future 0.79
WHEATF Wheat Future 0.64