Leaders in Digital Banking

Global Investment Bank (GIB) and Capital Trust’s Digital Bank is an international online bank that is the brainchild of AFF Multi Finance Group. It was jointly created by professionals in the financial investment, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency trading fields to develop the world's leading fund management service.

From as early as 2018, a group of financial experts with an ambitious investment vision began to develop GIB’s Digital Bank. In 2019, the bank was officially established in Washington, USA. That same year, GIB developed digital banking platform 4.0 using blockchain technology as its underlying technical architecture, ensuring their fund and asset storage system is more secure.

The core of GIB lies in modern, customized banking services and professional commercial credit services. Its main scope of business includes personal banking services, business banking services, digital asset management as well as investment and wealth management. Through the incorporation of advanced blockchain technology infrastructures, GIB will be able to deliver intelligent, ubiquitous and open-sourced financial services in real-time. With their intelligent robo-advisory and smart integration technologies, GIB provides their clients with better financial solutions, ensuring a faster, smoother, and high-quality financial service experience.

Since its establishment, GIB has rapidly grown into a well-known foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform that offers bespoke forex and cryptocurrency investment services. At present, GIB has applied for the relevant compliance licenses and permits to be operable in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Laos, Australia, etc., to provide their clients with a safe, legally-compliant, and reliable investment environment.

GIB believes in the importance of continuous innovation when expanding its business operations, therefore they are fully focused on on combining its innovative ideas with advanced technological solutions:

Offers a “one-stop” financial services such as fund and wealth management, captive insurance, and other services that are integrated with business, life, and social networking, which has greatly improved interconnectivity, user autonomy, as well as client interaction and feedback processes.

By utilizing blockchain as the underlying technology to build a digital bank, while applying new technologies such as Big Data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and the Internet of Things (IoT) systems, it effectively reduces the impact of market inflation and protects the value of our client’s assets.

Create the world's leading multi-functional smart payment application and dominate the blockchain payment business by creating ingenious ecosystems and technologies such as a "public chain", "global payment systems", and "energy-efficient mining machines", in order to constitute high value consensus and deliver a promising future.

As a leading internationally-recognized offshore bank, GIB is dedicated to the creation of a stable and secure trading platform, promote a competitive financial market trading environment, as well as facilitate a simpler, more convenient top up and withdrawal service for clients. Through careful analysis of the client’s financial needs, GIB's professional support team is user-centric and always ready to assist them in achieving their financial goals.


We aim to create a disruptive and innovative foreign exchange and cryptocurrency ecosystem that is instrumental to our clients financial progress and contribute positively to the society’s social and economic growth.


We strive to be the trusted financial partner to our clients by accurately identifying their financial needs and assisting them to achieve financial success.

Core Values

The Modern Way to Bank

We utilise cutting-edge innovations such as machine learning and distributed ledger technology to deliver value-added solutions to our clients in a fast, efficient manner.

It's All About You

We understand that navigating the highly dynamic and volatile banking landscape can be daunting. Our client-centric services are personalised and tailored to put your mind at ease and allow us to do what we do best.

Accountability and Integrity

Personal integrity is extremely important to us and we endeavour to carry out our duties with fairness, transparency, and accountability at every step of the way to gain the respect and recognition of both our clients and professional financial institutes.